Framing For Children – Pictures and Bedrooms

There are so many exciting ways to furnish and decorate a child’s bedroom and what better way to compliment the furniture than beautifully framed pictures on the walls.

Pictures on the walls are not only good for decorating and making the room look beautiful, but also a way to help the child learn e.g. an ABC poster or nursery rhymes on a poster help the child in crucial development. Because the child passes so many stages on the way to adulthood, there is a need to change these pictures along the way (no ten year old is still wanting Winne the Pooh on his wall!!).

What is delightful in a baby’s room (see sun poster) may need to make room for a toddler’s posters and again these may need to be replaced when the child is school ready. All these pictures don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many online stores to buy posters and artwork at incredibly reasonable prices and clever framing makes them look really good.

Simple black or white frames are suitable for pictures for all ages and it’s possible to change posters and reuse the original frames. Sometimes this simply requires a new matboard or the picture can be sold online and the profit used to offset the price of a frame for a new poster. There are lovely frames available in a rainbow of colours and this is an effective way to bring colour into the room while leaving the paintwork neutral.

Another idea for a child’s room is to frame a magnetic board so that the child can use magnets to hold up posters or notes. A framed blackboard or whiteboard is another simple idea that can be use effectively in a child’s room. Many parents choose to frame their child’s best artworks, either to put up on the bedroom walls or to give as gifts to doting grandparents.

Please feel free to contact Cathy for a quote to frame pictures for your children’s rooms.

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