Framing Your New Zealand Qualifications, Degrees and Certificates

How many of us have our certificates, whether they are a university or polytechnic degree/diploma or whether it is a special citation, lying around in a drawer getting dusty and creased? Getting them framed is the best way of preserving our wonderful achievements, usually received after many years of hard work. Recently a client asked me to frame an old certificate from many years ago when he was inducted as a naval officer. He had never had it framed. It was a lovely, old certificate that now looks so good hanging in his hallway.

Another client wanted to get her father’s engineering certificate framed for her dad as a special surprise. Her dad is 93 years old and had never framed his degree. One day it will be a wonderful keepsake for his grandson who is also an engineer. It is also a great gift to give your child after their graduation. Even if they don’t want to display it, proud mothers and fathers are only too happy to have it hanging in their homes.

There are many options with framing a certificate. Some people choose to frame using a very simply thin, black frame. Sometimes it is with a little more decorative frame with a thin silver or gold stripe in it. Very often people choose a colour matboard that reflects the institutions colours (e.g .blue for Auckland University, maroon for Otago and Canterbury Universities etc. ). This makes the certificate stand out and has a more dramatic effect. Another way to introduce an institution’s colours is to have a plain matboard border (white, grey or black) and to have a double mat with the colour in the second matboard. (picture of H and R Garlick certificate).This always makes a certificate look really attractive.

Below see the sizes of the certificates for New Zealand Tertiary Education Institutions:

South Island

Ara (formally Christchurch Polytechnic): (210 x 297mm for certificates and diplomas and 343 x 245 mm for bachelor degrees)

SIT – Southern Institute of Technology: (147 x 210 and 210 x 297, New certificates will be 210 x 297)

University of Canterbury Degree: (343 x 245 mm)

University of Otago Degree: (347 x 252 mm)

North Island

University of Auckland Degree: (280 x 380 mm)

Massey University Degree or Diploma: (350 x 250 mm)

Victoria University of Wellington Degree: (210 x 297 mm)

AUT Degree or Diploma: (250 x 350 mm or 270 x 370 mm)

Unitec Degree or Diploma: (350 x 250mm or 210 x 297mm)


Please feel free to contact Cathy for a quote to frame your qualification or certificate.

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