Reframing old pictures in new frames

It is quite amazing the difference framing makes to a picture. We all know that when you take a picture to a framer to be framed, it becomes obvious that the choice of matboard border and frame can change the look of the picture. The matboard and frame needs to make the picture “jump out at you” and the picture definitely needs to be the main focus of the piece.

I get a lot of customers bringing in their old pictures to be reframed. It stands to reason that houses are repainted and redecorated over the years and old framed pictures don’t fit in with the new décor. Often pictures are inherited and have great sentimental value, but the matboard borders (unless conservation maboards with conservation glass) fade a little over many years and the beveled edge of the board changes colour slightly as do old prints. A fresh matboard border and a new frame can make all the difference.

The matboard border has a very important job to do. It is an integral part of the artwork and should enhance the picture. In the 70’s and 80’s a great many pictures were framed with coloured matboard. The framer would pick out a colour in the picture and use that for the matboard. There were a lot of blue and green borders! Now days most people prefer a neutral border that makes the picture “pop”. Sometimes customers bring in old faded pictures and they want them reframed because they have sentimental value or they’ve always had them in their home and they love them. They are amazed and thrilled with how their old picture looks when remounted and reframed. Sometimes the frame is still good and only a new mount makes all the difference.

I have framed some lovely prints picked up for a song in op shops. If you can see beyond the out -of -date frame, the dirty and dusty glass and the slightly faded print, you can pick up a bargain and for the cost of reframing have a great new picture for your home. I had a customer recently bring in a very large, old faded print. In fact the print had a bluish tint found on faded prints. We framed it with a very wide white matboarder and a thick, plain white frame. The result was stunning. Maybe it is time to look again at your old pictures in your home and see if they should be reframed to enhance your picture and enhance your room.

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